How to Take Couple Photos While Traveling

A photo is a great way to preserve a memory with our special one. But, when we are traveling, we often face different scenarios when we try to take a couple photos.

You hand down your camera or phone to a person near you, ask them to get you a couple photos, strike a pose, and voila! You get a photo with you displaying an awkward smile and your partner closing one of his eyes.

See? Getting a good couple photo while traveling is not that simple. Follow the tips below and see how many good couple photos you’ll get in the future:

1. Set up your camera first

Before you hand someone your camera, you should test the frame first. If necessary, manually set up your camera to avoid things like too much ISO and over-exposure.

2. Scout for your photographer

People usually make the worst mistake in this kind of situation because they normally pick up a random person near them. This is just wrong. Instead, look for someone who is not in a rush and, if possible, someone who is young to avoid shaky hands.

3. Bring a tripod

There are times when no one is available or when you don’t want to bother others. Luckily, someone created the tripod, which is now available in super compact options.

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