Ring Shops Recommendations For You Who Have Small Fingers

Finding a shop that sells rings that fit your fingers is not always an easy thing to do for petite ladies. Not every store has size 4 or 5 available. So, to help you solve this problem, we have arranged the list below:

Buddha Blossom Jewels

This shop makes various kinds of crystal and gemstone pieces, and all of them come from size 1 to 16. Most of the rings you find here are electroformed and made with copper. Most of them also have a rose metal color.

You can also ask for a custom ring here. The owner will give you options for different gem types and shapes. She is also very responsive when answering your questions.

Hoops by Hand

This shop is based in Utah. Two bestsellers from this shop are the delicate knot ring and twist ring; both are gold-filled. For the twist ring, there are also rose gold filled and silver filled options available for you.

The owner originally made rings for children only, but now she also makes rings for an adult with small fingers.

House of Metalworks

Jill, the woman behind this brand, is committed to preserving nature. She uses reclaimed and repurposed materials in her work. She also uses environmentally-friendly packaging to ship her products.

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