How to Encourage Your Girl to Play With LEGO

Boys and girls play with LEGO toys differently. According to research conducted by LEGO on the behavior of both genders towards LEGO robotics and LEGO castle, girls were more concerned about the details of the castle structure, especially the emptiness of the interior, while boys were all about battle. Although the boys and girls who participated in the study loved the toys, the girls felt like the conventional LEGO game was not made for them.

Another behavioral pattern that was discovered during the study was that the girls preferred bite-sized assembly with role-playing activities before proceeding to the next building challenge. On the other hand, boys were totally satisfied with building one castle for longer periods. The data obtained from this study influenced the production of ensuing LEGO toys, but parents have an essential role to play in encouraging their girl child to develop an interest in LEGO toys.

Your Perspective Matters

Given that conventional LEGO toys received poor acceptance from girls, there is an anti-female aura that slowly brewed around the brand’s image. Hence, some parents felt it is odd to get their girl child a LEGO toy. The moment the brand tried to create toys specifically for girls, it faced a nationwide backlash from activists claiming the move was a gender segregationist move. As a brand that cares for the satisfaction of its consumers, LEGO Robotics only aimed at getting popular among girls.

Your perspective towards the brand matters a lot. In fact, you are the only one that can bridge the gap between your girl child and LEGO toys. If you don’t buy her one, there’s little chance that she would get the amazing LEGO experience she deserves.

Understand Her Needs

There is a reason girls made up less than 11% of the LEGO consumer base prior to the release of girl-centric toys like LEGO friends, LEGO elves, and Disney Princesses. Toys that looked unattractive and lacked pretend play opportunities alienated the girl child. The Danish toy production company recorded an undisclosed increase in demand from female customers after the change was made.

As parents, we cannot be so sure what a child needs until we let her play with various types of kid toys. You should let your girl accompany you to the toy store and take note of her reaction to LEGO toys. Then, settle for the ones she prefers.

Buy LEGO Toys with Pretend Play Opportunities

We have discussed the impact of pretend play on the receptiveness of girls to LEGO toys. However, we have not touched on the gender-neutral benefits of pretend play in child development. We have an educational system that oftentimes alienates children from the reality of the world we live in even though there is a good reason for filtering the kind of information they are exposed to.

Pretend play helps children understand the environment around them in a way that complements their education and does not expose them to hazardous knowledge like cuss words and false information.   Pretend play helps children develop emotional and social intelligence. LEGO toys are designed to help your girl child develop her creativity and embrace her society in the safest way possible.

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