What are the Things to Consider When Travelling With Kratom

travelling with kratom

People can carry whatever they want to bring to any country they wish to visit as long as they comply with its local laws. This is also applicable to citizens who want to buy kratom and it with them. That is why it is crucial for travellers to know what to consider when travelling with Kratom.

Kratom’s Legality in Some Countries

There are countries in the world that are still prohibiting the use and consumption of such products. On the other hand, some countries only banned the product in bundled form, which means you cannot bring it if it is exceedingly over the agreed quantity.

You might want to consider carrying a limited supply so that it can be regulated by the country that you are visiting.

If you get caught with the above normal amount of this product in a secure country, you will find yourself in front of fines and penalties. Being charged with such infractions in a foreign country could be a hassle, to say the least.

This is why it is important to have preliminary research about the country that you are visiting regarding their laws on carrying such products.

Here is a short list of countries that completely banned the product:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia

Product’s Packaging Must be Secured

Carrying a product like Kratom from one country to another could pose a challenge to its owner. The product is known to be highly reactive to its surroundings, so you need to secure its packaging to avoid any unwanted results.

The product also has a diverse effect when it reacts to various materials in its packaging, so it is advisable to get a vacuum-sealed container to protect it from having such consequences.

Government Authorization

There are different types of governments around the world that also possess various kinds of rules and regulations regarding the product that you are carrying. While it is completely banned in some countries, it is allowed in some other places with heightened restrictions.

The best course of action is to get an authorization document from the government that you are entering, posing the product as a health supplement for its legal purpose. This is done so that you can avoid unnecessary charges being filed against you.

The Purity of the Product must be Kept

There have been reports about illegal smugglers of this product that make an adulterated version for higher profits. Exporting such a version of the Kratom product is strictly prohibited so as a precaution, you need to participate in proper checking of it inside the airport done by the legal department.

Honesty and Proper Undertaking

When travelling with such products with your things, you should be honest with your package. Checking in at the airport, you need to be responsible enough to disclose that you are indeed in possession of Kratom as well as how it is packaged and how much is its quantity.

In that way, you can be sure of the airplane guideline for people who are carrying such products. Moreover, being honest about your carriage will also help you avoid being charged with fines in a foreign country.


The health benefits of Kratom are supported by other countries, but there are still regulations about its possession and consumption in other strict territories. That is why you need to be extra careful and mindful before visiting a specific country of your choice. Have this guide with you so that you can know what the things are to consider when travelling with Kratom.

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