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Things to Combine with An Affordable Sweater Find

It always feels excellent finding something nice with a reasonable price tag. One of the affordable finds we got recently is this $23.99 dolman sweater from Amazon.
We have tried combining this sweater with some pieces from our wardrobe, and they turned out fabulous. Read below to know more.
Garret Combat Boots
These combat boots are very great to have. They never fail to enhance our look and can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. They have zippers on the inside part, so you can easily take them on and off.
Plaid Overcoat
A plaid overcoat is a must-have item…

Lounge Wears for Petite Ladies

One of the most sensible things to do when the winter arrives is to stay warm and cozy inside your home. For your maximum comfort, we’ve compiled a list of loungewear picks from Nordstrom.
Socialite Pants and Pullover Top
This set comes in various color schemes, including solid blue, camel, and tie-dye. The waffle knit fabric doesn’t feel heavy at all, very comfortable for indoor use. However, the material is not that thick and warm. So it is not recommended for outdoor activity during the winter.
Mock Neck Dolman Pullover
The fabric is light and drapey, with a …

3 Easy Ways in Elevating Your Outfit

You don’t have to wear high-end labels every day to look stunning. Pick something from your closet and use your imagination. Play around with different patterns and colors to boost your self-esteem.
Combine your Monochromatic Outfit with Different Patterns
A monochromatic outfit is always a good idea. This is precisely why people stick to a simple and straightforward color scheme.
However, to avoid looking boring, you may need to add a little twist. The key here is to include something with a bold, noticeable texture that will serve as a focal point.
Top it with a Long Coat…

Owning Pre Owned YSL Bags

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) has been long known for making stylish and chic clothing and accessories like jackets, handbags, and sling bags. Their products are also durable. Therefore, many fashion enthusiasts prefer buying pre owned YSL products as a more reasonable option.
Rebag and Fashionphile are two examples of where you can buy pre owned YSL bags. Both of them have a reliable customer service team so that you can ask them anything for anything. Below, we will show you some of the bags available at the two stores above.
YSL Sunset Chain Wallet
The Sunset Chain Wallet is a very popular bag from YSL…