Best Food Spot in NYC

New York is undoubtedly a big melting pot for different cultures and communities. Here, you will be able to find foods from anywhere in the world. We have recapped some of the best cuisines we ever had in the Big Apple.

1. Poketeria

The bomb sauce here is a must-have item. Another great item from the menu is the sushi donut, which reminds you of spicy crab filling when you taste it.

2. Tonchin New York

Are you a ramen lover? Are you looking forward to sipping a bowl full of springy noodles and flavorful broth? If so, then you have to visit this ramen shop. It has two bestselling items on the menu, the peanut tan-tan noodles, and the Tokyo tonkatsu ramen.

3. Stackery

Situated inside the iconic Bryant Park Lodge, this place serves the Instagram-famous chimney cakes. Those cakes are based on Hungarian recipes, of course, with a little twist here and there.

4. Five Senses

If you are craving a complete Korean cuisine experience, then this spot is the right place to go. It serves you both traditional and contemporary Korean dishes like kimchi rice, stir-fried ramen, and ddukbokki cakes.

5. Indikitch

This restaurant serves the modern version of Indian dishes. Or, to be precise, this place is the Indian version of chipotle. Here, you can combine different Indian sauces with different meats and vegetables.

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