How to Travel with Baby: Airport Guide

Flying with a baby comes with its own set of challenges, mainly if it’s your first time. Furthermore, everyone has a viewpoint on what is the best and worst way to travel with your family.

While traveling with a child will always be unpredictable for you and your partner, we’ve figured out a few tactics to make things feel like a little less so.

1. Pick up a child-friendly airline

Choose an airline that provides a flexible change or cancellation policy. Also, check if they have priority boarding options for families with small children.

2. Collapse your stroller before going through the security gate

This is the rule you must know before you try to go through a security gate with an unfolded stroller. Avoid holding up the line because of your cluelessness. It applies to your car seat (that extra seat you use to place your baby) too.

3. Get TSA pre-check

For frequent flyers, having a TSA pre-check is a huge benefit because it saves them a lot of time and effort at the security gate. With a TSA pre-check on hand, you can leave your laptop and your personal liquid inside your backpack.

Considering that you have a baby and all of its belongings, any item you can avoid going through the security gate is a blessing.

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