3 Tips to Store Your Winter Clothes

Winter ends in a few weeks, and we’re getting ready to jump back into shorts and t-shirts. But, what about our winter jackets and boots? Should we just leave them in our wardrobe? The answer is: No!

It is time for you to rotate the clothes in your wardrobe. We can understand if you ask, “Can anyone tell me how to do it?”. Don’t sweat it; we have prepared some tips for you.

1. Clean them and remove any remaining dust, dirt, or debris

Storing your winter clothes and boots in a clean condition is the most crucial step here. If you store them in a dirty condition, you’ll risk yourself getting mold growing on them. Bugs can also grow on them and cause further damage.

2. Stuff your boots

One common mistake people make is, they store their boots without stuffing them first. Stuffing your boots will help you maintain their original shapes, especially if you stack them up.

You can use old newspapers in this process. And remember, put extra stuffing on the toe area because this area normally has the biggest possibility of shape changes.

3. Minimize the humidity level

Just like dirt and dust, humidity can also lead to mold growing on your clothes and boots. You can try using silica packs to absorb any excess humidity. However, silica packs are not recommended if you have toddlers running around your house. You can use charcoal bags instead for a safer alternative.

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